Our Story

Meet Founder & CEO, Julianne Arrieta

FIA GREEN was founded by Redondo Beach based Actress and entrepreneur, Julianne Arrieta.  Julianne grew up playing golf in Las Vegas while also playing on the Bishop Gorman High School golf team.  It was there she fell in love with the game while never fully appreciating the wardrobe options available.  Julianne is also a working actress in Hollywood who has worked in films ranging from $5M-$50M.  During Covid, Julianne found herself playing golf much more frequently which inspired her to create a golf brand that is representative of the female golfer with an eye for both luxury and style. FIA GREEN is focused on quality through using luxury fabrics & trims that are also performance based with custom fits tailored for the female body. 

What’s in a name?

FIA is a family name combined with Green which is both a play on golf as well as a tie into sustainability and keeping our focus on reducing our carbon footprint.  We believe that everyone can make a difference big & small and promise to always do our best in helping our planet.

FIA GIRL is the girl who is well traveled, educated, a foodie and self proclaimed wine enthusiast.  She’s an independent thinker, a woman who lifts up other women, she’s an athlete, fashion forward and has an eye for luxury. 

Fia Green Headquarters

We are located in the small beach city of southern Los Angeles, Redondo Beach.  All of our product names are after Julianne’s favorite Hollywood actresses.